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Drop Fade Haircut New Style 2018

The recent change in the fade hair cut is the drop fade haircut which has emerged as the popular innovation. The drop fade hair cut changed when the fade cut drops a little low behind the ear back and down till the back of the head. The drop fade hair style is a simple but still the stylish and trendy hair style choice as it is more practical with short hair which suits to the men’s nature.


What Converts Simple Hair Style to Drop Fade Haircut?

The little difference between drop haircut and the taper haircut is just the hair style design. Contrary to the fade hair style which moves in circles around the head, the drop hair style originates from the curved hair. Depending upon the shape of the head of the male, the arc-shaped drop fade hair style is like the natural looking fade haircut that moves around the ear, ending near the male neckline.
Like the most popular and classical taper fade hair style, you may choose the one style between the high or low drop fade hair style but till the end where the drop of the haircut ends at the typical back of head. One characteristic of the drop top fade is that it can be applied to any haircut or hair style upon any of the head shape. While getting fade haircut, your hairdresser can convert a classic fade style to taper one to make your hair drop fade type.

How Your Hair Dresser can Make Drop Fade Haircut for Your Hair?

If you are planning to get the drop fade haircut for your hair, it is better ask your hair dresser for the right type of the drop fade by showing the picture of the drop fade haircut. Otherwise, if you cannot explain to the hair dresser about the exact style for your haircut, the stylist my make a mistake understanding your verbal instructions. So, just show the hair dresser the pics of the drop fade haircut in which the length, style and the taper along with the other details may be mistaken by the barber.
All your hair dresser needs is the good clippers to cut the hair but still it requires the skills to fade from one clipper to another. Before getting the hair style from your hair stylist, secure the opinion from the group of buddies and even from your barber about the suitability of the drop fade haircut or you may have to pay again within a couple of weeks to change it. The opinion securing from the circle of friends and hair experts may help you to get the best style for your haircut.

But, fact is that there is no difference between the drop fade haircut and the fade hair style. The difference is in terms of taper or the fade style of hair. If someone is unaware of the concept of the fade, the taper or drop may also be termed as the drop by the hair dresser.

The Best Drop Fade Hair Styles for Male:

When you have never experienced the drop fade hair styles in past, the pics can only be a display of your future look after getting the hair style. Just a little gesture by you may persuade your hair dresser to make the hair style a different one. So, you must be very clear in your mind about the hair style and convey the same to your hair stylist before the start of the haircut; simply by showing the haircut pictures to her / him. Or you may have to pay a heavy price, though short time, for the mistake, in terms of money, time and personality damage.

Buzz Cut

Burst Drop Fade with Curly Twists

Thick Textured Slick Back with Mid Fade

Thick Quiff with Mid Skin Fade

Textured Slick Back with Drop Fade

Slick Back with High Drop Fade and Hair Design

Quiff with High Drop Fade

Pompadour with Bald Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade with Long Fringe

Low Bald Drop Fade with Comb Over

High Skin Fade and Drop Down with Quiff

High Bald Drop Fade with Long Textured Brush Back

Fringe with High Drop Fade

Drop Fade Haircut with V-Shaped Neckline

Curly Top Drop Fade

Drop Fade Afro with Curly Twists

Cool Drop Fade Comb Over Pomp


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